New York Marathon 2016

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One of our biggest dreams was to run the iconic NYC Marathon and it was coming true. We were very unsure on how to run this marathon since we had been doing heart rate training and didn’t want to get too caught up in the crowds and exhaust our bodies too soon into the race. So, we decided to just keep it slow and steady throughout the race. We started at 5:30am, taking the subway to the Staten Island ferry, which boarded a little after 6am. The security was amazing there. We had never felt safer! We met some wonderful new friends on the ferry and chatted until we then got onto the bus, which took us over to the runner’s village. The village was huge! We were all in the green corral so we went there together and made the necessary bathroom break,grabbed a spot on the ground and rested up and stretched until it was time to head over to our designated thumbnail_fullsizerendertime corrals. Our start times were 10:15am and 10:45am, which to us early morning runners was hard to adjust to. The weather was perfect, we could not have asked for better running conditions. Our goal was to keep our heart rates under 160 most of the race.

The race started…on a bridge of course! Our heart rates immediately rose to higher than we would have liked but seemed to settle down when we fell into a comfortable pace. We had not been able to do any hill or bridge training so we were hesitant on how our legs would hold up during the 5 bridges and many, many hills. Surprisingly, we held up okay.  Our heart rate continued well through the race and only rose higher in the last couple of miles. The crowd support was phenomenal and the energy was inspiring on the course. Finishing the race in  Central Park was beautiful and getting that awesome medal was a great experienthumbnail_fullsizerender-1ce and a check off the bucket list! This was an experience to never be forgotten and we are so excited to have been a part of it. We are continuing our heart rate training with our training  for Ragnar Trail Alafia and Cloudland Canyon 50 miler and hope to continue making improvements. Keep checking back for future blog posts on our progress!

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