Heart Rate Monitor Training: Week 2

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We have just wrapped up our second week of our Heart Rate training plan. I can’t tell if our bodies are slowly adjusting to it or if we have just succumb to the fact that we will be running at a snail’s pace fo

Marathon running race, people feet on city roadr the next 8-10 weeks, but it didn’t seem as bad as the first week. We still had to stop and walk during every run to keep our heart rate down, but it is now becoming more and more acceptable to us as we have realized it’s just part of the gig. We had a low mileage week this week so our long run was only 10 miles. A run that would normally take us less than an hour and a half is now taking us over 2 hours. The heat and humidity play a huge part in our heart rate rising much more quickly than it would otherwise, so we are very much looking forward to cooler weather. We are willing to put in the time this takes to work, but we are anxiously waiting for any sign of results happening.

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