Heart Rate Monitor Training: Week 1

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Illustration of a normal EKG heart beat

After running for many years and the last year or so not really seeing improvements and our bodies feeling tired and beat up from running even with targeted runs at specific paces we decided to try heart rate training. With two big races coming up that we were not going for a certain time goal we figured this was the best time to give it a whirl. So we gathered our research, found our heart rate zone to run in and started running. When I say it tests your patience that is putting it lightly. It is very hard to get used to going at a much slower pace staying in that heart rate zone you need to be in. Also, the time it takes us to complete runs that used to take much less time is a learning curve as well. We call our runs jogathons now and are getting used to it a more each run. We look forward to seeing our pace increase even at the same heart rate zone by the end of these 8 weeks. We will keep updating on our training each week so stay tuned!

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