Stacey Smith

I am a wife and mom of four amazing kids and have lived in St Augustine since 2011 after moving from Pittsburgh, Pa. In 2009 I was determined to become a runner. There was once a time I couldn’t run a block, but I started slow and a year later did my first 1/2 marathon. Several years later I’ve completed countless races including many 1/2 marathons, marathons, a 50k and triathlon. I’m always setting new goals to reach and look for the next challenge!

Many people think they can’t run or simply don’t know where to start. I started out one step at a time and would love to help others acheive the same goal. Whether you’re just starting out or want that extra push to try a new distance or beat your PR, I’m excited to get you there!

“Once you make the decision that you will not fail , the heart and body will not fail.” Kara Goucher

Jennifer Webster

I was born and raised in St. Augustine, Florida and am a wife and mother of 4 boys. After having my first son in 2003 I began running to stay in shape and have some “free time”. My love of running grew and I ran straight through my next three pregnancies. I have since completed several races, from 5 K’s to 50 K’s, including triathlons.

My true love is trail running and I am currently working towards my next goals of 50 and 100 mile races in 2016. I am a very goal oriented person and I know that my hard work and determination not to give up, even through set backs, have helped me reach my goals along the way and I would love to help you reach yours!

“I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy. I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.” Art Williams

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